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• 09.10.2010:
Delivered and installated two Foam Skimmers 10/20 to the Kingdom of Bahrain
• 07.10.2009:
KA Fritzlar/Germany: Thickening works to the clients complete satisfaction. The Bellmer Turbodrain TDC 08 consumes only 2 kWh/to(sludge) and steadily reaches a concentration of thickening of 6-8%
• 28.08.2009:
KA Fritzlar/Germany: Installation work of a Bellmer Turbodrain TDC 08 is finished. Beginning of thickening.
• 19.02.2009:
Delivery of a foam skimmer facility SB 8/20 to WWTW Scottish Water.
• 11.02.2009:
KA Fritzlar/Germany: Start of installation a Bellmer Turbodrain TDC 08 for sludge thickening.
• 03.02.2009:
First foam skimmer facility down under: delivery of foam skimmer facility 10/20 for WTP Bendigo/Australia.
• 05.09.2008:
Delivery of the second foam skimmer facility SB 10/15 to the WWTW Jersey Island.